Shivering Primates: an evening.

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Speaking of adventures not in paradise, Jess and I drove back to Pomona for the second time in two weeks to catch the Arctic Monkey show at the Fox.  I remembered the Fox mainly from my raving days as a worn down shithole that’s only claim to fame in my memory is a close proximity to the location I first ingested some pills of questionable origin at a party called Opium II, waaay back in ’98-’99.

But it’s much nicer now.  We saw The Kills there not two weeks back with some of The Girl’s friends and I was surprised at how they had renovated the place.  Anyways.  Good show, I love the Monkeys, good old fashioned, snotty britpop-punk in the vein of Caveman faves Supergrass and the Buzzcocks.   Here are some pictures from the rooftop bar:

Sold Out.

From the rooftop.

Jessica taking a picture of the Fox sign. How very meta. Or something.


Forgetful Things

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Oh blog, how I miss you.  Here, have an update for old time’s sake.


On work.

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In order to save myself the trouble of ranting and raving about how work’s been day in and day out, I figure I’d share this instead, it describes things all too perfectly, and much quicker than I could have written it out:

It’s a Bad Bad Universe

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They just released a promo for the new show I work on, and I felt this is a perfect new thing to share with my ghost town of a blog. For the record, I work on the animated graphic novel bits of the show, drawing backgrounds, colorizing, etc. Enjoy!

DJ Artoo Rocks Your Ass. Or Maybe Not.

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To further honor Empire’s big day, I bring you a video of DJ-R2D2 spinning all the best (or lamest depending on your perspective I guess) robot samples from across geekdom. From Gizmodo, Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Empire Strikes Back!

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Where's my cake you worthless excuse for spawn.

Happy birthday to the movie that single-handedly changed my existence!

Evil Templar Knights Break Earth’s Rotation

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Ok, so that’s not reeeeaaally what happened, but I liked that title.

Apparently the end of the world is at hand, the remnants of the Knight’s Templar must have finally set in motion the mystical badness that will inevitably lead to end times and here is our first sign.  From BoingBoing:

The original pendulum, which was used by French scientist Leon Foucault to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth and which forms an integral part of [Umberto] Eco’s novel’s labyrinthine plot, has been irreparably damaged in an accident in Paris.

The pendulum’s cable snapped last month and its sphere crashed to the marble floor of the Musee des Arts et Metiers.

In 1851, Foucault used the pendulum to perform a sensational demonstration in the Paris Pantheon, proving to Napoleon III and the Parisian elite that the Earth revolved around its axis. Such was its success that the experiment was replicated throughout Europe.

Somewhere the evil templar's plans are finally coming to fruition. Or something.

I read Eco’s ‘Foucault’s Pendulum’ about a decade ago, and it was one of those joyous blasts of history and paranoia that I love so much. And while this article has nothing to actually do with the book, it does have to do with the Pendulum that is front and center.  And I can’t help but think that the destruction of a device used to show a basic fundamental force of the planet breaking is a sign of something.

Maybe it’s a sign that it’s ice cream day.  Probably.