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Back to the Past

Posted in Film with tags , , on April 4, 2009 by joeylabartunek

Had the chance to just lounge around this morning a bit and ended up catching ‘Back to the Future 2″. Now to be honest, I really hadn’t seen the movie in at least ten years. I remember being a fairly big fan of the series when it originally was released, in fact I remember seeing both of the first flicks in the theater several times as a kid.

In the future, everything will look like a backlot.

In the future, everything will look like a backlot.

Now I’m not going to be blasphemous and come out and say BTTF2 was bad, because it really wasn’t. In fact it was a lot of fun to watch, especially as an artifact that completely represents how all over the place big 80’s film was. But it does amaze me how much of the entire movie was just a big ILM circle jerk. I mean, 99% of the movie was shot against green screens in some way, and it shows. Driving scenes, town scenes, you name it.   On top of that, who’s bright idea was it to have characters in makeup playing themselves in different eras? I mean the idea isn’t bad, and it’s been done to success before and after, but nearly everyone in the movie looks BAD in their makeup. You spend millions upon millions to make sure Marty can somehow see himself while he’s playing guitar in the first movie (Hint: its just him added to footage of the old movie, a cheap trick used quite a bit at the end.)  but old Biff looks like he’s melting.

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Gob Gets Hexed

Posted in Comics, Film, Uncategorized with tags , , , on April 1, 2009 by joeylabartunek
Its not a trick Michael...

It's not a trick Michael...

I’m pretty fucking excited about the upcoming ‘Jonah Hex’ movie.  It’s a property I like, starring people I like, and I think it’s got great potential to rock. And after this morning it has even more.  Will Arnett has been added to the cast in a non-comedic role as a Union soldier who enlists Hex, played by Josh Brolin.

I’m glad Arnett is trying new stuff, don’t get me wrong, ever since Arrested Development I could watch him in anything and be entertained, but I always love when actors leave their comfort zone and try new things.  And especially such a great, wierd western tale like Hex, it’s just under the radar enough for the pressure on Arnett to be workable.

Also annouced as on board, Oscar nominee Michael Shannon as a crazy circus ringleader.

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Wolverine Leaked

Posted in Comics, Film with tags , , , , , , on April 1, 2009 by joeylabartunek
The Weapon X Project is currently hunting the culprits, mutilated limbs to follow.

The Weapon X Project is currently hunting the culprits, mutilated limbs to follow.

The big news this morning of course, is the leaking of a near-DVD quality print of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ a full month before the release date.  The film went up on torrent sites this morning and Fox is scrambling to run damage control.

This is ugly business, I mean, word is that the print that’s floating around while great in quality, lacks about 15 minutes of recent reshoots and fixes. And that means a ton of people are going to see a version not meant for the public, opinions will be formed and early word will get out, word that may or may not even be relevant for the final film.  Let’s hope this doesn’t hurt the flick too badly, it’s sad to think that so much work would go into the film just to have early (and probably wrong) word crush it before it even has a chance to hit the ground running.

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Drag Me to Hell, Sam Raimi

Posted in Film with tags , , , on March 31, 2009 by joeylabartunek

New poster for Sam Raimi’s return to horror “Drag Me To Hell” got dropped into the exclusive hands of  The Poster’s cool, the trailer doesn’t look bad.  It’s Sam Raimi.  All good things.  But that whole PG-13 horror thing is running around naked in the back of my head and it’s ass looks like something swiss cheese  shat out.

I’ll fight hard to keep my mind open.  I would love to post the image here, but it wont let me, so here’s the link:

Go look.

Is the life of a Repo Chick also always intense?

Posted in Film, Personal/Creative with tags , , , , , on March 30, 2009 by joeylabartunek

Alex Cox via his own blog, talks about finishing Repo Chick, the sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time, Repo Man.  I trust Cox to a point, but I don’t have very high expectations.  Repo Man was a product of it’s time, a crazy sci-fi, punk rock movie with a soundtrack that came from heaven itself.  If by heaven you think like I do; a blood and beer drenched alleyway.

Repo Man Cover

(Otto is still probably circling the galaxy decades later)

What is interesting, are his talks about microfeatures, shooting movies on the cheap and fast.  I agree with him (because it’s obvious)  that this is the way to go, especially in this day and age of no one having any money, but still have the drive to make something more than shorts.  And god knows I like the idea of lots of small budget feature films being made, I know a lot of people who need the work, heh.

Of course his comment about horror being the first refuge of mediocrity is insulting, but I’ll forgive him.  I watch enough Sci-Fi Channel to understand there is some truth to that statement.  But that doesn’t damn all small budget horror.  Fucker.

Some green screen from the set

Some green screen from the set

Anyways, the current climate needs a Repo person, Man or Chick, and I’ve heard there will be a giant robot, so sold.