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Welcome, to Fright Night.

Posted in Personal/Creative, TV with tags , , , , on March 29, 2009 by joeylabartunek

Hello, welcome to my blog-o-lisheeus space.

Spent the morning waking up late  and watching Dollhouse, as part of my weekly Sunday morning television-a-thon where I catch up on all the stuff I didnt need to watch during the actual week.  Which really only includes ‘Lost’, seeing as how that’s time sensitive.

Dollhouse is getting remarkably better, last week’s was killer (Of course Joss wrote it, and yes, I am one of those Whedon-dorks who refers to him by first name only).  This weeks episode didnt quite live up to the promise of the last one, but it had some great character moments.  I like that it’s trying to humanize Olivia William’s DeWitt character, and she and Topher’s interaction while tripping was gloriously Joss.  But it ended kind of quickly, and I’m not sure that I jive with that whole Echo was some kind of driven PETA-Warrior thing, it just felt a bit contrived.  Still, it IS getting better, so for now I’m pretty happy.

I was supposed to online a film today down at My Old School (cue Steely Dan noises), but I think the general iffiness if going to make me stay home, do some writing and watch some more TV.  I have a lot of research for the sketch comedy thing to do, and I need to start right away.

A friend and classmate of mine, Joe the Party, is moving soon, today we’ll have a last supper of sorts at the Hometown Buffet.  Why there I don’t know, I guess not everyone is adverse to the territorially grumpy elderly and NASCAR demographic.

I’m sure I’ll be in touch as the day progresses.